Thursday, 25 December 2008


This is an email from kate to her mum Hey mom

Just got to an internet cafe as the power cut finished. Don't worry about me mom, im sure im really just over reacting. I seem to be the only person here that isn't in love with this city. Its growing on me more and more though it is pretty amazing. We took a boat ride at sunset yesterday and watched this huge celebration the "PUJA"...a prayer ceremony which lasts an hour with about 2 thousand people watching on the ghats (steps) of the ganges and from boats and it happens EVERY DAY! Today we walked for about 3 miles allong the ghats which last 4miles and got a fisherman to take us to the ceremony which happens everyday at 6pm. It was a little row boat and i asked if i could row so i was rowing down the ganges for 10 mins..chris had a go and he was terrible! I guess i remembered from when we had our rowboat. But thats probably the highlight so far...rowing down the ganges!! The streets are amazing too. about half a mile from the river is the old city which no cars only tiny little allyways full of preists, cows and little chai shops, they're really cool to wander round and i feel so happy in them so the only problem is that were on the south end of the ganges where the burning ghat is.

So our hotel is about 50ft away from this area on the ghats with about 15-20 bonfires going burning a body on each. and were on the main street from the town square where the body is ofloaded from a car, put on a bamboo stretcher and carried by about 6 men chanting and a precession of the family members chanting behind. So every 2 minutes you here the chanting going by which to everyone is really peaceful and happy. (Im getting used to it now) but yesterday it was scaring the living daylights out of me, everytime i would hear the chanting i would just freek out cas i knew there was a dead person coming straight at me!! And the thing is all the westerners love it! all the hotels and tourist area is at the burning ghat becuase thats what people have come here to see. I really couldnt think of anything worse than sitting on steps watching a corpse burn for an hour or so and then the remains thrown in the river!! But im coming to terms with it know and the fact that its not such a bad thing becuase the hindus believe in reincarnation etc. But death in my eyes has always been this awful thing, and yeah i guess no one in the family except tommy has died and ive only been to a couple funerals in my life so i think that has a lot to do with it do.

So yesterday began awfully...i woke up hearing trumpets and there was a big parade with loads of people. went out to see what was happening and the body went by and usually theyre covered in a cloth but this guy was really important so his head was uncovered and i nearly fainted i was so shocked to see the head of a dead man!!! Its the most shocking thing i'd ever seen so i just couldnt contain the tears and then whenever i saw a corpse i just wanted to cry uncontrolably!! It was so embarrasing!! i know i was just being irrational but i've never been faced with death ever in my life and it was pretty hard to handle. So chris had a really hard time understanding and just put it down to culture shock and saying its a great thing to be so shocked and it's the reason why you travel etc. So i guess if you look at it like that he's right. Im having an easier time as i spent the whole day away from the burning ghat area, back here now and seeing the dead just being carried past the window every few mins and getting a little more used to it. Chris thinks i have to get over this fear of death sometime and i shouldnt run away from it. The fact that he loves everything about varanasi and thinks people who act like this shouldnt come to India doesnt help!! But i guess most people would agree and im sure if you were hear you would love it too.

Well i speak tomorrow but thats basically an update so far. Merry Christmas. lots of love xxxxxxx

Friday, 19 December 2008


To: "Kate"
Date: Dec 17 2008, 01:27 PM
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008


Hi Kate Darlin,Where are you? send me an email if you can or call me,my # in India is 99605535 Love Dad xxxxxx


Hi Rebecca,I,m managing just fine for money really on a day to day basis I am probably spending more than I do at home as I am doing more i,m eating out every day once maybe twice a day and taking taxis sometimes five times a day usually my breakfast is two fried eggs on toast and a cup of tea 60 rupees 90p with a 10 rupee tip and my dinner may be prawn biriani or chichen fried rice 80 rupees plus 10 rupee tip about £1.30p I have treated myself to a couple of excellant fish dinners that would stand up to a good restaurant in Paris or Barcelona for 280 rupees about £4 like a 2inch thick filet of white kingfish covered in cheese/mornay sauce on a bed of spinach and a baked potato and broccoli smothered in melted butter yum,yum delish am I making you hungry.I,m still handing out 10 rupee tips like confetti about 15p.The little boy who works behind the bar at Molly Molones in Calangute said he wuold like to go to London to live and work but it could be difficult for him as he only earns 3,000 rupees a month, thats like £1.50 a day for a ten hour shift thats 10 rupees an hour,poor little sod, so every time I give a 10 rupee tip its like giving an hours wage.I had an Indian haircut it cost 140 rupees about £2 the canny barber pulled out a laminated price list out of his drawer a local boy told me haircuts cost 20 rupees = two hours wages so they jack the price x 10 for westerners,I don,t begrudge it a bit I,m more than happy to pay their inflated prices. Will write more soon. Love John xxxxx

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Hey Jan,Yea I,m in India having an easy life down here in the tropics I have a four room apartment just up from the beach my money goes a long way in Goa it used to be a Portugese colony and the Goans are mostly catholics,they rase pigs so its sorta different from the rest of India they call it a tropical paradise and they are not far off.lots of coconuts,bananas,mangos and fish I will be leaving in march though before the monsoons hit.Google John Ruscoe in Goa to read my blog my email is


it's jan. how are you doing? i heard u were in india! what the heck are you doing there? dodging terrorists?

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Hi John,

Was so happy to hear from you. Yes, I figured your long silence had something to do with the internet. Do you have a pay as you go pen drive thingy for your lap top? I've never used one but hear they are great but can be really expensive if you use them outside your "home" country. Had some Norwegian guy who was at Colehayes for a wedding that had used his in Hungary and Austria, and ended up with a £2,500 mobile phone bill!!!! Yes, computers can be very frustrating and I've lost letters too and had to start all over. Just awful. Makes you feel like you want to smash the thing to bits!!!!

Your apt sounds fantastic ----- the way you describe the surrounding countryside is just how I imagined it to be. I know exactly the kind of vegetation you are talking about. So interesting about all the little cafes, shops, etc along the way to the beach. Have you discovered any new haunts? Are you still hanging out at Bob's? I read about the big table that people can sit at. That sounds a great idea ----- they should have a table like that in every restaurant for the people who hate to eat alone. You'd have company and make new friends at the same time. You've been there a month now ---- can't believe how fast the time flys. What do you think of it generally? Do you like India?

Everything is ok here. Even tho we don't have the schools we are still very busy with a million things to do everyday. I just want to run away. I'm not very good at coping with all the pressure these days. Oh well.

There was a party in Brighton that had 400 gatecrashers and was big news and that of course dragged up our story and we had some guy from the Daily Express come to interview me and Sarah for a retrospective type angle for his article. A week later they sent around a makeup girl and photographer for more photos!!!!! It hasn't come out yet but I will let you know when it does.

Kate and Chris arrived the 10th and had to stick around Mumbai till Kates bag turned up. Poor Kate couldn't get any info there ----- because of security, unless you had a ticket you couldn't even get inside the airport. She was so pissed off. She phoned me and I got onto Kenya Air baggage services at LHR and gave them the reference # and with the miracles of modern technology and a few clicks of the mouse, was told the bag was in Nairobi and would be on the 17:15 flight to Mumbai and that Kate could collect it after 4:30am. I called Kate back and told her the happy news and she was reunited with her bag the next day. They were staying right next door to the bombed hotel. Kate said the devastation was severe but the worst thing was losing such an architecturally beautiful old building. Never mind about all the people!!! Ha ha!!! They have been travelling by bus and have already been to a lot of places. They were in Jaipur and Udipur then Jalis ---- something and going to Pushkin or something like that. Sorry I haven't time to check spelling and I don't have a Lonely Planet guide for India to check her route. I think I should get one. Anyway, both Kate and Chris have been sick with the flu ---- not Delhi Belly ----- not yet, Kate said. They were feeling terrible but they still kept going ---- I thought that was stupid and told them to stop and rest and they did and after staying in one place for 12 hours they were feeling better ----- thank God. I do worry about them ---- but not too much. Shit can happen here just as easily as there. Only there, life is really cheap and you have to be careful and not put yourself into any dangerous situations. Don't ever get into a fight with someone. It just isn't worth it. Kate knows all this tho and I hope and pray she takes good care of herself. Are you getting antsy? Might you want to join them? As you see Kate is still using her UK # but will hopefully get an Indian sim asap. It costs an arm and a leg to talk to her so best to send a text.

How are you doing for money? Are you managing or are things really tight? Let me know if you get into trouble and I will help out. Oh ---- I wish I were in India for Christmas. Its so cheesy with all the Santa's singing carols coming into the bars etc looking for donations for heaven knows what. Do they have those guys in North Goa?? Maybe they only do it in the South. Oh ----- the weather. I wish I were there. I hate the cold. Just enjoy yourself.

I better go now. Have fun and be safe. Lots of love xxxxx
from Colehayes Park


Hi Mike,I can,t reach Kate on her mobile phone,I,ve been trying since last monday.I spoke to her boyfriends mum in south africa she said they have just left for India that afternoon that was on monday 9th dec so I will wait to hear from her by email hopefully.She said they would be in Bombay for a few days then travel round north India for a month then come south to Goa to stay with me for a week.then the three of us will go south to Kerala for a week,so w,ell se what happens


Thats really great Dad. Glad to hear it. Will you be seing Kate?


Hello Son, I,m glad you,r working
and seeing tommy and that you.l spend christmas at pams it seems the ice is slowly melting.I,m doing just fine here in Goa getting waited on hand and foot.It,s HOT in the 90s but life is so easy here its Ok. Meeting lots of people and making friends it,s a job to remember all thier names so i usually stick to Mate or Darlin.My money should be OK i,m managing will write again soon. Wish you Were Here. Love Dad


Hi Dad, have looked up Bob's Inn, looks pretty cool. What have you been
up to and what do you have planned? How are you doing for money, is it
pretty cheap out there? Hope your good nothing new here. Seeing Tommy
and working that's it really. Around Pam's for Christmas which will be
interesting to say the least but I will be happy being with Tommy and
everyone and make the most of it. Take care

Miss you,

Mike Ruscoe
Diesels Limited
Tel: 01392 206306
Fax: 01392 206307


Hi Rebecca,sorry for the delay,I lost my internet conection.My apartment is in candolim 200 yards down a track off the main road,you come to a clearing a dirt yard with chickens there are four apartment blocks which look pretty new 4 flats to a building two up and two down,mine is upstairs.I look out of my balcony onto thick jungle 50 feet away,coconut trees banana,mango,papaya,figs and the fantastic Banyan Trees are here and there.The beach is a 1000 yard slog through the jungle following tracks that go this way and that like a maze.It,s interesting because I thought it was just jungle between me and the beach as all you can see are trees but then out pops a bar or restaurant or guest house or little shop with an old sofa outside selling tea bread milk fags etc,this place just makes me smile its so funky,will write more soon.I hav,nt heard from kate where is she.Lot of love John xxxx


Hi John,

So pleased to hear and glad you emailed this address. Its only me and Sarah who would see any emails and I check it on a regular basis. Just finished reading a few of the comments on Bob's Inn. I read the mouthshut one which I enjoyed and also the one about sea snakes and Bobs by someone who was there in 1983. Have you read that? All sounds like great fun. Yeah, I remember the Jungli Barry story --- didn't the press think he WAS Lord Lucan??? You still haven't told me where your apt is???? How far from the beach??? £50 a week sounds very expensive and Kate says you told her things wern't as cheap as you expected them to be. We were last in Goa at x-mas 2004 and I guess prices have gone up everywhere. Are you managing??? Or will it be a struggle?? I can't imagine it would cost you any more to live in Goa then in Torquay. But maybe here you had the chance to earn some bit of money. I dare say you may have wondered how to earn a rupee or two out there??? I think you wouldn't have much of a chance ----- those Indians would skin a turd for a tanner ---- like you use to say!!!!! How are you getting on with them?? I imagine you don't take them at all seriously and just laugh at their bullshit!!! Ha Ha!!! Have you been to South Goa yet? Well, Kate and Chris are on the plane to Mumbai right now, if it hasn't been delayed and will arrive about 2AM. The airlines lost Kates bag. She is isn't too fussed as she thinks it will turn up but they will have to spend an extra day or two in Mumbai waiting for it. Kate thought they may be around the Agra area at x-mas. That would sure be cool to spend x-mas at the Taj Mahal. Oh!!! I am so jealous I can hardly stand it. All I can say is enjoy it ----- I would love to be doing what your doing now.

Lots of love xxx
from Colehayes Park


Hi Rebecca ,i,ve found the best bar in GOA it,s called bob,s inn and it,s a thirty year old hippy bar it,s like stepping back to the 70,s in a bar in Hermosa beach all candles,plants and pots and potheads but without the falafal sanwiches google Bob,s Inn in Goa to find it read about Lucky Lucan and Jungle Barry.Love John xxx


Hi John,

I see that you were going to send me an email but it never came through. Please resend it. Have just looked at the usual email address and see that steve austin has sent me an email!!!! All he said was that he was following your blog ---- that was it. Very strange. I talked to Kate earlier this evening and shes busy getting ready for her trip. She said she had talked to you and that she thought you wouldn't be joinning them for the backpack trip. Well, I'm not surprised. It sounds like you've settled in nicely and are enjoying the comforts of your new apt. Its so easy to get into the life style there ----- just lots of mooching around doing nothing. Where is your apt??? How much are you paying for it??? Have you made any friends?? Etc Etc. I loved your blog. I really laughed. Only somebody who has been to India can understand the true craziness there and the roads ect. I really thought your description of the drive from the airport into Mumbai was priceless ---- I laughed so hard!!! I am so sorry about your crap room. We need to complain to Asia Rooms. I can't believe your room did not have a window. Had I known I would have paid the few £'s extra and got you a double. Maybe that would have been better. Yes, everyone expects a tip ---- all the time. Its just part of the culture. I guess by now you are use to it. Tell me about the Chalston Beach hotel. Was that ok?? Its so hard trying to choose hotels on the web but so far we've been pretty lucky. The first time we went to India, with First Choice, we ended up in a hotel that was the pits. One woman off our tour bus wouldn't even take her case into her room and just sat by the pool in tears ----- all very reminisent of our arrival in Corfu at our hotel in Achravi where the posh woman wouldn't get off the bus and insisted she was going to a proper Hotel ---- do you remember? Tell me about a typical day for you. How was your fish curry with your neighbor? I'm just so happy that you seem ok and are liking it there. Believe me, you are missing nothing in England. Its just the same old shit and no matter when you return it will be just the same as when you went away. Atleast you are missing the cold weather. Its heavy frost tonight and extremely cold. Nicky and Jazzy have spent the last couple of nights in the cottage and we went up to Haytor just at sunset and although it was cold it was very beautiful and we really enjoyed the walk. Lara is ok but did you know that Sam is moving back to his parents house in Paignton? I think she may move back to Colehayes. I don't think she knows what to do. Sam wants to do a carpentry course which would be great but will take 2-3 years. OY Vey!!!! Heaven knows what will happen to them in the mean time. But there is no talk of them splitting up. Sarah is fine and working hard at school. She has all her exams coming up and is studying non stop and working on an essay right now so I have to say bye because she neeeds the computer.

Lots of love xxx

Tuesday, 16 December 2008


Rebecca sorry for the delay,i will be checking my emails daily now,i have bought a gadget/stick that i plug into my laptop to connect to the internet,so i can sit with my elbows on my kitchen table and catch up with my emails,it,s fantastic great.allthough it is soooo sloooow I spoke to Kate yesterday and i may join her travelling,if it gets too much for me i will come home to goa The apartment is £50 a week and well worth it.The food is really good allmost everywhere and i want to try so much of it.i go to a little grocery shop for milk,sugar,tea and he has a little basket of fresh vegatable somosas he says his friends mother cooks them every morning delicious they are usually sold out by lunchtime 5 rupees each about 7p so i give him 100 rupees to save me 4 every day which i collect in the afternoon on the way back from Bobs Inn my favorite bar.I have just enough money to live on every month nothing for extras really buts its enough.I will write again tomorrow at this time.lots of love Johnxxxxxx


Hi John,

Thrilled to bits to find your email. I don't usually look at this address as I only use it if I'm travelling. I haven't looked at your blog yet but will do when I get a chance later today. I am sooo sooo happy you are enjoying yourself. I won't bombard you with thousands of questions now as I may find the answer to most of them on your blog. How often will you check your emails??? Kate gave me your phone # so I hope to ring asap. Only a few days till Kate arrives in India. What do you think you'll do ---- will you still go off with them for 3 weeks or will you just stay put at your new apt.? Sounds really nice. How much is it a week? I will help with the flights and or costs if money is an issue. Just let me know. Have you got sick of Indian food yet?? When you can't take any more you can go to the Sat night market, Apora, and get some Mexican or a baked potato with Heinz beans and real Cheddar cheese or German cold roast beef with potato salad etc etc. Kate had to go there every Sat night for the food. We'd drive 21/2 hours each way just for a baked potato!!!!! Have you been to Anjuna yet??? OH I AM SO JEALOUS. And you are missing all the horrible freezing weather here, its just awful ---- lucky you to be somewhere lovely and warm. Kate says you don't miss anything about England but your bed. How is the bed at your new apt?

I have to go now but will write back later today.

Have fun --- be safe.

Lots and lots of love xxxxxxxxxooooooxxxxxxx

Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Dear Rebecca,thanks for your email and all your help and support I really,really appreciate it.Sorry for the long delay,i,ve had trouble with internet access,the hotel charged £6 an hour I thought that was a bit steep,the internet cafes i found so frustrating difficult I just about gave uo on them,but I think I have the problem sorted now.Have you read my blog? Google john ruscoe in goa to find it.Everything is fine here in India and I think I,m going to settle in and enjoy it.I moved into my new apartment two days ago and its lush I love it.It looks brand new and modern and is surrounded by local goan houses/shacks I have chickens outside my kitchen window I feed them bread and rice they are so small and scrawny.My next door neigbour a goan woman said would you like to eat fish curry rice,we eat it every day so I said yes thanks and i,ll be eating it on her terrace at six oclock tonight.I,ll write more soon.Lots of love John xxxx


Message Received: Nov 18 2008, 06:19 AM
From: "Rebecca Brooks"
Subject: india

Hi John,
I talked to Kate today and she said she had heard from you and that you are OK ---- what a relief. I feel almost as worried about you as I did when Kate first went off on her travels. I am so sorry I never got to talk to you before you went off. There was so many things I wanted to tell you about, but now that you are there, all my tips are needless as you would have had to figure all the things out for yourself. Kate said you wern't able to take the train. I was worried about you getting a place as I know those trains are hard to get on. Oh well, I'm sure you'll do plenty of train journeys with Kate and Chris. How is the Chalston Beach hotel? How do you like India? Please write with lots of details.
We are all fine here and have had a fairly decent time so far. All of Efrems Birthday celebrations went well and he really enjoyed himself.
Sarah and Bill went back on the 12th and Lara goes on Wed. the 19th. I will go on the 29th. We are at my mother and Ians new place now. Its in Northern California and is very similar to Pine Mtn Lake. They seem to prefer being in California and it is very beautiful. Up in the hills with lots of vineyards all around.
I am thinking about you and just hoping and praying that you are enjoying yourself ---- its all an experience.
Lots and lots of love, xxxxx

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


wow Dad I've just read your blog an what's been happening so far, sounds exciting, even the bad stuff seems like an interesting experience, can't believe some arse almost nicked your bag off the carousel at one point though! On the way there on the plane you did what Sam did when he went to africa with us a few years ago, got pissed, but he took 3 valium as well, he was well and truely gone! ha ha! hope things have gone more or less to plan so far, the thing about going to these kinds of places is that so many factors are unpredictable, so the best thing to do is to roll with it as it comes. Anyhoo the blog was a brilliant idea so I'll see what's happening every once in a while
Lots of love
Lara xxx

Monday, 8 December 2008


Hey Lara,yea this is my main email address now all the
others are for ebay.Have you seen my blog? Google john
ruscoe in goa to find it.Having a lovely time in India,Wish
you were here.Love DADxxxx


how you doing in india? let me know which address is the
> one you are using at the moment xxx Lara


Hi Mike,thanks for the email everthing is OK here please tell mick to call my bank and let them know its me taking the money out all the best son will write later dad

Sunday, 7 December 2008


Hiya Dad, glad you are ok. Cant wait to read your blog. You must be in Goa now enjoying yourself. I hope that you have got yourself sorted and not nervous anymore. How was the flight?

Mike Ruscoe
Diesels Limited
Tel: 01392 206306


Hi dad, i've been worrying about you so much!! and your 60 years old and your my dad. heavans knows how much you were worrying about your 18 year old daughter in africa!!! phone me when your in goa, by a sim card if you have a phone or a phone card, my number is 0027219765184. Lots of love xxxxxx

> From:
> To:
> Subject: Love From Dad
> Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 03:58:02 +0100

Date: Nov 15 2008, 02:58 AM
Subject: Love From Dad Show full header
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 2008 03:58:02 +0100 (CET)

Hi Kate Darlin,arrived OK in Bombay it,s saturday now and I leave for Goa today,will take the plane not the train as the train needed to be booked weeks in advance but I will visit Victoria Station on my way to the airport. Its been just 3 days since I left England but it feels like I have done enough for 3 weeks will write back soon. Love Dad


Kate Ruscoe" Save Addresses

Date: Nov 11 2008, 12:29 PM

Hey dad!!! You must be so nervous now. Phone me on 0027219765184 today if you want to talk. Try not to pack too much, bring a small roller suitcase (a one with wheels) and pack the absolute minumim!! Only a few t-shirts, underwear, sandels, one nice shirt and a pair of trousers. Everythings dirt cheap out there so you can get ANYTHING tailor made for you for a few quid if you need to. When you get to the airport you walk through immigration and then you go through to exit and you'll see a big sign for taxis. You go there give them the name of the hotel and they'll fill out a form, you pay them and you have your "ticket" and take it to the line of taxis waiting outside. This just helps people not getting ripped off really. So just try not to get too drunk on the flight so you can actually stand when you get there and so your not an easy target for robbery/ getting ripped off. Sooo i can't remember everything else i needed to tell you, but if you really get in trouble and get stuck mom will always be there as a safety net to wire out cash if you really need it and thats always comforting to know. So good luck. I love you lots and i'm 100% you'll be fine. you only need a little push and then you'll get right back into the swing of things, I didnt get my confidence and sense of adventure from nowhere dad!!! So keep safe xxxxxxxxxx Call anytime xxx


Hi again,

Make sure you have this to present at check-in. xxxxx
from Colehayes Park
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Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2008 10:28 AM
Subject: Your Booking #40791146 at Chateau Windsor / Mumbai (bombay) / India

Dear Ruscoe, John,

Thank you for making a reservation through AsiaRooms. We appreciate your patronage.

This reservation is confirmed.
You can check your reservation on-line at any time by clicking here.

Your Reference Number: 40791146
Please print the Voucher and keep it until you arrive at your hotel. The voucher serves as your confirmation.
Also please note that you must hold this authorized voucher when checking in at the hotel.


Name: Ruscoe, John
Email :
Address: Colehayes Park
Zip / Postal Code: TQ13 9LD
City: Bovey Tracey
Country: United Kingdom
Telephone number: 441626836348
Mobile Phone number: 447957871426
Fax: 441626833033


Hi John,

Just trying to tie up all lose ends for your trip. I will start work on holiday insurance today. I've booked a hotel for 2 nights in Mumbai and Kate says there is a taxi stand inside the airport so that sounds easy ----- like it was in Rio. I was very nervous about how I would get to the hotel but right after customs there was a row of taxi offices and I went to one and said where I wanted to go and paid and by the time I walked out into the airport, the taxi driver was waiting for me. I think that is how it will work in Mumbai. The hotel in Mumbai hopefully will be OK. Don't expect anything fancy. it will be very basic budget tourist standard accommodation. Just the type of place me and the girls would stay at. Hopefully the Chalston will be ok. I did find some reviews and all were favorable and one had photos and the place looked like the photos on the website which is good. I am green with envy!!!!! Sure wish I were going there instead of California. I told Virgin about the misspelling on your name and it has been changed on the system so you don't have to worry about any problems at the airport.

Lara has come down to see you today. She arrived at 10 last night. I guess it was kind of bad planning that we would all be away on the day that you leave, otherwise the girls would have gone to see you off.

Kate flys on Thursday too. I will miss her soooo much. She has just been wonderful and helped me so much with the schools etc. She has been cleaning up her room and says the next time she is back in her room will be with Chris ------ isn't that sweet?

Anyway, I better get on with my day. I have a million things to do and tomorrow we have the University of the West of England coming ---- 65 - 70 expected!!!!

Lots of love,

from Colehayes Park
----- Original Message -----
To: katherine ruscoe
Sent: Saturday, November 01, 2008 11:49 PM
Subject: Receipt for your Payment to CHALSTON HOTEL


Hi John,

I have spent every free minute for the past 3 days looking on the internet
and at the package holiday brochures for a hotel. Have also checked out
reviews on Trip Advisor. Some of the hotels I was seriously interested in
had terrible reviews, like "Worst hotel I've ever stayed in" etc. I can't
find any reviews for the Chalston, which is a good thing (I think) as most
people like to warn other travellers of shit places. The Chalston Beach
looks really nice and seems to have direct access onto the beach. The rooms
are £11 a night, which is quite cheap for a regular type hotel. The grounds
look lovely and if all the action of the Beach Shacks gets too much, you can
hang out around the pool. I don't think Candolim is 3 miles away. I looked
in the lonely planet guide and it says 1.5 km, that is just a stroll down
the beach. I think that if you have the Chalston for 2 weeks, that will
give you plenty of time to suss out the area and what you want to do and
where you want to be. Maybe you'll want to go to South Goa for a couple of
weeks. Although, everybody that I have ever talked to about Goa ---- it
seems that where ever they first go is where they want to be and keep going
back to. Maybe you'll want to join Kate and go Backpacking!!! Maybe you'll
want to travel around India and see alot of different places. You'll be able
to do whatever you want!!! I do sooo envy you. I wish I were going too. You
will have such a great time ---- you probably won't want to come back!!!!
You can always change the return date on your ticket!!!!

Anyway, before I actually book the Chalston Beach, have a look at these
websites. I have been putting your arrival date as the 16th Nov. for 14
nights. I figure you should spend a couple of days in Mumbai recovering
from the flight and sightseeing --- just an idea, as Uncle John would have

There are loads of options. A lot of the hotels are quite expensive, I was
really surprised. Kate has a friend who travelled around India for 5
months ---- just returned home 6 weeks ago, and his budget was £5 per day.
Natalie was there for 10 weeks and her budget was £10 a day. If you have
£150 a week coming in, you can live like a king.

Let me know your thoughts on all this asap. Do you have a mobile # that I
can send a text to?

Lots of love xxxxx
from Colehayes Park
----- Original Message -----
From: "john ruscoe"
Sent: Saturday, October 25, 2008 6:31 PM
Subject: GOA

> Hi Rebecca,that hotel sounds wonderfull.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

The Ticket Arrives

The Ticket Arrives By Email

Sep 23 2008, 08:59 PM

Subject: Fw: Virgin Atlantic e-Ticket DLD1CM
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008

Hi John,

Its a done deal ----- you're really going!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooo pleased and happy that you are finally going to get to do a bit of travelling!!!! Its just great!!!

Talk to you soon.

Lots of love,


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Emails sent and received preparing for the trip Dear Rebecca,yes I would like to stay in Mumbai for 2 days then take the train to Goa.I will find out about the train times when i get there.I think it will be better if you do the booking of things and then tell me thats it sooner than asking me what I would prefer as I feel I,me like a leaf in a stream going along for the ride. I would like to travel with Kate and Chris if they want me to tag along they might have to slow down a bit for me though anyway I will try to keep uo with it all.Where you get you energy from goodness knows. Bye for now. Love John x
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You didn't say anything about Mumbai. You will arrive on the 13th and I think you should stay in Mumbai the night of the 13th and 14th and then take the train on the night of the 15th. How do you feel about that??? I have been checking out hotels and can get you one right in the city centre near the train station and near most of the tourist sights ---- I'll pay. Let me know what you think. Have you looked into the train times etc? You need to decide these things so I can go ahead and book up the Chalston Beach for the right arrival day.

Kates travel plans have changed. Chris' brother will not travel to India until the first week of January (due to health problems) so that has thrown all the original plans out the window. They plan on travelling to Rajitstan straight after they arrive on the 10th Dec. and may not even go to Goa till Chris' brother arrives. The brother wants to divide his time between Goa and Kerela. You may want to consider going Backpacking with Kate and Chris. It would be an incredible experience. You would see so much. You'd have to really rough it but you'd survive. Those 2 are hardened travellers!!! Talk to Kate about all this.

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from Colehayes