Sunday, 19 April 2009

message to Kate on Facebook

John Ruscoe Hi Kate,I enjoyed my trip with you and the boys down to Gokarn,it felt like being on a film set,what with all the hidu pilgrims and the temples and although I missed you on Kootle beach the boat trip back was fun.Best cinnamon ice cream too.How bizarre the cops coming into our room with their camcorders and electric leads.Their smiling faces asking 20 questions and examining all my stuff it didn,t help that I didn,t have my passport with me,I thought I might spend a night in the cells,it turns out there was a guy dead in the next room probably from a drug overdose.Well I thought our deluxe hotel room was a piece of shit with the mosquitos and cockroaches I can only imagine what a night in the local police cells would have been like.The memory of that bloated dead dog floating in the fecid water of the lagoon next to the beach still lingers,with people eating in the restaurants only 50 foot away.I was glad to get back to Goa exausted but See you in Devon in May Dadxx