Thursday, 17 January 2013

laras emails 4th jan 2013 Hey Dad, Just wanted to wish you Happy New Year! Sam and I went out on a boat for New year's eve and watched the Sydney fireworks from the water, it was quite an experience. One of Sam's mates knew a guy who was renting out a boat for the night for about 120 people, and we were among the lucky few to get tickets. It was so much easier than last year, everyone around the harbour gets packed in like sardines for hours waiting for midnight to come around. But this time round was a breeze, we just got picked up at Manly Wharf and then it was a half hour journey to the area of water where we were going to set up camp for the evening, amongst all these fancy multi million dollar yachts. There was a barbeque included too. We watched the sun set behind Sydney, which looked incredible, and before the sun went down there was a little plane doing daredevil stunts and loop the loops for everyone's entertainment, and another plane was writing words in the sky. Anyway Dad thanks so much for your last email, I really appreciated it and wish I could have been there with you for Christmas and New Year, although it would have been even better if you were over here! Love you lots and lots Lara xxxxx PS- Let me know if you can open the photos I attached Hey Dad, 28yh dec 2012 Hope you had a good Christmas, I'm so happy we got to chat a few days ago, I always think that because you guys are so far away I won't be able to reach you or there are extra phone charges or something! Sam and I had a good day apart from all the rain, and it's cleared up again now. I have a daily weather report on my computer desktop showing the contrast between Torquay and Sydney, and it ain't pretty! So far it's 7 degrees and rainy in Torquay versus 28 degrees in Sydney. It's not nice working in the heat, though, I can tell you that much. Sam's working today, did I tell you he's hopefully getting sponsored by his removals boss? So we can stay here longer and save money, I can legally work full time because the sponsorship entitles me to work too. We're not planning on staying forever, at most 3 years, and by then we can actually get citizenship, and eff off back to the Uk, or come back and live here if we want to. Also, it means it'll be easy for you guys to come out here to live if you ever get fed up of England! This would have been a lot easier if we had relatives out here already. But I'm getting ahead of myself, who knows, anything could happen that might change our plans. Anyway Dad, glad I got to talk to you, and Nan and Grandad too, have a good New Years eve and I'll try to call again soon Love you lots Lara xxxxx