Monday, 27 October 2008

This was the email on 23rd september 2008 that started the ball rolling for my trip to the tropics sent by my daughter Kate No.2 travel agent No.1 travel agent is her mum !!! Hey dad well theres a big BA sale and mom wants to buy a flight by midnight tonight!! So dont panic just think these three options through. OPTION 1:We buy a charter flight at any time flying LONDON - GOA no rush to buy this can buy at any time£415 but you can only stay 21-28 daysSo if you stay longer mom would have to buy ANOTHER flight £415But you would fly straight into GOA12hour flight OPTION 2:Buy return flight with BA to Mumbai£348 RETURN IN SALEyou can change the return date for £100 change feeOR you can buy £374 and change fee will be down £50 You catch an internal flight to Goa £75 Internal fligths are hourly so you would just hop of the plane and hop on another 1hour flight10 hour flightYou stay for a couple months in Goa and we can see each other for XMAS OPTION 3:Flight to mumbai ONE WAYInternal flight to Goa I hour £75Stay 1-2 months in GoaFlight to BangkokStay 1-2months in ThailandFlight back to UK via Hong Kong£650 total flights So have a check over these options. Option 1 is the most easiest but you could only stay for a month. Mom has RCI time share accomodation in Goa and Thailand so you would be ok for that. Give me an email back becuase the sale ends midnight tonight

Sunday, 19 October 2008

setting off

I have my ticket to travel to India Heathrow to Bombay on the 12th november 2008 its now 18th october so i,ve got to start making plans