Sunday, 1 February 2009


Hi Mike,it was good to hear from you son. Yea everything is OK here with me in Goa I.m staying here till the end of feb then leave for Thailand on 1st march and stay for a month. I will meet up with 3 friends from Goa in Pataya then on to one of the islands It was lovely to see Kate when she came to visit me so we spent 10 day together then she went south to Hampi with cris and his two brothers then they travelled on south to Kerala and Kate came back to stay with me for 3 days,it was a nice surprise as I wasn,t expecting it. It was nice as we spent the 3 days together. I went with her to Tivem train staition to catch the 7pm overnight train to Bombay. She said she wanted to have her last bus experience in India so we took the bus to Mapsa half an hour then another bus to Tivem half an hour and said our farewells on the platform.{see you in Devon in May} now I,m back to my normal lazy routine. I,m glad to hear your doing OK I miss you and Tommy give him a hug for me and say hello. Email me back with your home phone # and I will give you a call the calls are cheap to England from here,my # in India is 9960554435 all the best for now son. Love Dad

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